MUSHROOM FLAVOUR (4 Bags / 16 Packs)

Meat-free Rice Noodles Delicacy

The unique double flavours allow you to enjoy dry or soup rice noodles of your choice. The rice noodles completely absorb the sauces to create a smooth and tender texture. The finest mushrooms are used to ensure optimal fragrance and texture. The mushrooms are also rich in polysaccharides, proteins and minerals which are essential elements to your body if you are in diet or a vegetarian.

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※Net weight: 84g X 4 PCS 《Each Bag》
※Content: 336g (Rice Noodle 50g x 4 PCS、Shiitake Mushrooms With Soybean Vegetarian Sauce 24g x 4 PCS、Soy Sauce 10g x 4 PCS) 《Each Bag》
※Ingredients of the Rice Noodles: Corn Starch, Rice, and Water
※Allergen: Soybean, Wheat
※Easy to cook and ready to eat in 5 min.
※Suitable for vegetarian.
※1 set contains 4 bags / 16 packs.