SHALLOT FLAVOUR (4 Bags / 16 Packs)

The Taste of Rich Shallot

The unique double flavours allow you to enjoy dry or soup rice noodles of your choice. The rice noodles completely absorb the sauces to create a smooth and tender texture. The finest shallots are deep fried and undergone a number of procedures before being cooled, grinded and rested to ensure that the natural fragrance of the shallots are extracted into the shallot oil.

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※Net weight: 87g X 4 PCS 《Each Bag》\
※Content: 348g (Rice Noodle 50g x 4 PCS、Shallot Sauce Packet 27g x 4 PCS、Soy Sauce 10g x 4 PCS) 《Each Bag》
※Ingredients of the Rice Noodles: Corn Starch, Rice, and Water
※Allergen: Soybean, Wheat
※Easy to cook and ready to eat in 5 min.
※1 set contains 4 bags / 16 packs.