SPICY PEPPER FLAVOUR (4 Bags / 16 Packs)

Sesame chili oil steals the show

Natural sun-dried noodles & free from artificial preservatives. With four different types of pepper which are soaked in oil and then extracted at low temperature, the process is to create the intense and rich aromatic taste of pepper that mixes well with naturally fermented black bean soy sauce.

CAD  $47.96 / Set
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※Net weight: 117g X 4 PCS 《Each Bag》
※Content: 468g(Dried noodle 80g x 4 PCS、Sesame Oil sauce Packet 30g x 4 PCS、Spicy Sichuan Pepper packet 7g x 4 PCS) 《Each Bag》
※Ingredients of the dried noodles: Wheat flour, Water, and Salt
※Flours used in wavy knife-shaved noodles contains more than 14% protein.
※Easy to cook & ready to eat in 5 min.
※Suitable for vegetarian.
※1 set contains 4 bags / 16 packs.