Privacy Policy

RT7 Enterprises Ltd ( the "Our Company") related website ,including not only ***** but other websites are operated by our company.Our Company attaches great importance to the privacy of members and follows the Personal Data Protection Act. Therefore we developed the Privacy Protection Policy. If you do not agree to this privacy policy, please stop using our website service.

  1. The scope of privacy policy This Privacy Policy applies only when this website collecting your personal information, processing and utilization. The connection that this site links to other websites may also collect your personal information. The privacy policy terms of our website will not apply to the visitor who links our website to other websites and the one who be collected personal information by continue reading other website. If there are any doubt for accuracy, safety or omission of other websites, our company will not take responsibility to it. You must take risks yourself.
  2. The safty of personal information Our Company attaches importance to the members' privacy right. Without members' consent, we will never provide members' personal information to third party that is unrelated to our website service. Members should be cautious to their network password and personal data. Do not give any personal information, particularly the network password to anyone. At the end of using any service on our website.Please remember to log out the account.If you share computer with others or using a public computer, make sure you close the browser window.
  3. Personal data collection, processing, use The purpose of the collection is marketing business, consumer, customer management and service, shopping and other e-business services and investigation, statistics and research and analysis.Our company will collect personal information by the process of join the member or trading.
    • Category of personal data collection:
      (1)Identify categories: member of the name, address, phone, email, etc.
      (2)Social conditions: consumption patterns, credit or financial institution account information, etc.
      (3)Characteristics : gender, date of birth etc.
      (4)Other categories: email , messages on websites, etc.
    • Using period, region, objects and method
      (1)member ask to stop using or our company stop providing service
      (2)Region: Member of personal data will be used in Canada
      (3)Object and method: Our Company and the outsourcing of third party (such as providing of logistics, money, Gifts)
    • The way to perform personal data right.According to Personal Data Protection Act article 3, you have following rights from your person information.If the member wants to exercise the following rights, you can contact our company's customer service to apply
      (1)Inquire or request view
      (2)Ask for copy
      (3)Ask for supplement or correction
      (4)Ask for stopping collecting,processing or using
      (5)Ask for deleting
  4. Cookies In order to facilitate our member using,our website may set and access cookies on your computer or Internet device.Cookies is a technology that web server communicate with member browser to identify users.If the member turn off cookies, it may cause log in to the website unsuccessfully or the inability to use the cart etc.
  5. Confidentiality and security Our company member get limited contact with your presonal information only when providing you service.You can set one account and passsword when the registration process.With this account, you can use the related services for members by the website instructions.Please keep your account and password properly.If you find your account or password has the risk of leakage, please change the password or contact our company customer service to disable the account.
  6. The revision of privacy policy Our company will revise website policy from time to time.The revision will be posted on our website.If you have any questions please contact our customer service.