A Love of Noodles

In Taiwan, Tseng Kuo-cheng has become a byword for culinary excellence. If he gives a dish his seal of approval, few dare to disagree. As a veteran host of all manner of cooking shows, he has tried foods from every corner of the world. But the one thing he loves above all else is the humble noodle. And if there is one thing he has learnt from his gastronomic journey over the past 30 years it is how to make the perfect bowl of noodles. And thus Tseng Noodles was born.

The Principles of The Perfect Noodle

Tseng Kuo-cheng has poured his heart and soul into Tseng Noodles. When he meets someone new, he’ll ask them if they’ve tried his noodles. He’ll tell them that his spicy noodles are so good because not only are they spicy, but also fragrant, with just the right amount of bite and a flavour that lingers. To achieve this, Tseng Noodles use a noodle with ruffled edges. They are made by hand and dried by the sun and the wind. Not only does this give them their famous bite but also absorbs the accompanying sauce, made from naturally fermented black beans. Add to this several varieties of Sichuan peppers fried at low temperatures to bring out their full and mellow aromas and you have a rich, complex, unforgettable flavour.

Rice Noodles: A Love Story

In 2016, Tseng developed his own formula for rice noodles, a favorite dish of his wife’s. It took him a year to hone the perfect recipe. His efforts resulted in red onion minced pork sauce, spicy minced pork sauce, laksa, and vegetarian mushroom sauce; four flavours that set new standards for rice noodle dishes.

Tseng Noodle’s maxim is, “one can eat simply but one should not eat carelessly,” and that’s the message we hope to convey.